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Looking for a supplement that speeds muscle recovery, boosts immunity and improves your training adaptations?

Peptide Performance Protein is an advanced protein supplement that has all these benefits and more, containing a unique formula of the world’s most advanced protein; PeptoPro, cartinine and MCTs.

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More Information

Peptide Performance Protein contains a unique formula of PeptoPro®, carnitine and MCTs for recovery.

PeptoPro® is the only protein in the world with a guaranteed minimum level of 60% di- and tri-peptides meaning it is absorbed faster than any other protein with virtually no stress on the digestive system, making it ideal for use during exercise.

Other key benefits include: 

  • Muscle Damage & Breakdown During Exercise

Regular consumption of Peptide Performance Protein during exercise can help to prevent the muscle damage normally associated with prolonged endurance exercise. In the second hour of exercise, the body gets 5-15% of its energy from amino acids in muscle. Without consumption of amino acids or protein during that time, the body literally scavenges its own tissue to meet its energy requirements.

  • Digestion During Exercise

With its high di- and tri-peptide content, Peptide Performance Protein delivers amino acids quickly into the bloodstream despite the compromised function and blood flow to the gut during exercise.

  • Immunity & High Intensity Training

Training intensely is a pre-requisite for improved performance. But it comes with the risk of increased infection. Use of PeptoPro® has been shown to prevent the normal decline in immune function seen with intensive training protocols.

  • Low Carb Training Regimes

Peptide Performance Protein is the ideal protein supplement to complement low carb or ‘train low-compete high’ regimes.

Directions For Use

Peptide Performance Protein is a versatile protein powder that can be used in a number of different ways depending upon an athlete’s given sport, training goals, nutrition plan and sport specific goals (i.e. lose weight or put on muscle).

Muscle Recovery
When muscle recovery is the primary aim, take 1 serve of Peptide Performance Protein immediately following exercise. However if the exercise session lasts longer than 2 hours, it is advisable to take an additional serve before or during exercise to maximise muscle recovery.

Low Carb Training
Protein supplementation before and during exercise is a popular and effective practice for any athletes undertaking low carb training sessions or regimes. This helps prevent heightened muscle breakdown that can occur with such regimes. It also helps to bolster immunity.

High Intensity Training
When undertaking periods of high intensity training or increasing training load dramatically, use of PeptoPro before, during and after exercise has been shown to prevent the immune suppression normally associated with a rapid and sustained increase in exercise intensity.


PeptoPro® (casein hydrolysate), l-carnitine fumarate, medium chain triglyceride powder, xanthan gum, flavour, lecithin, citric acid, malic acid, sodium chloride, sucralose (955), silica anhydrous (flow agent).

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 30g (1 level scoop)

Average QtyPer Serve (30g)Per 100g
Energy441kJ (110Cal)1634kJ
Fat, Total2.19g7.31g
Dietary Fibre440mg1480mg