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25 serves per tub

More energy and focus for everyday life:

  • KETONES are the body’s natural super-fuel
  • KETONES give you up to 70% more energy than carbs.
  • INCREASE energy & endurance for up to 15 hours
  • INTENSE mental focus & clarity

Flavour: Lemon Lime


1 x Tub

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2 x Tub

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3 x Tub

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Keto Fuel is a revolutionary supplement that provides all the energy you need to get through your modern day life.  Ditch those addictive stimulants like caffeine and sugar and give your body what it really wants; ketones.

Your body naturally produces ketones when in a state of ketosis. Ketosis happens when the body is starved of glucose, forcing your body to switch to fat stores for a more efficient source of energy. Unfortunately with today’s lifestyle, fast, easy foods are the norm and carbohydrates are found most of them. This blocks the body’s ability to produce the super fuel we all need.

Keto Fuel gives you access to this long lasting, natural super fuel without having to go through the painstaking process of completely cutting carbs from your diet.

Ketones will not only improve your strength, endurance and mental function, they’ll reduce your lactate levels, meaning you can be on the go for longer without feeling fatigued or mentally drained. In short your mind and body will work far more efficiently using Keto Fuel as your main source of energy.

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Sodium-dl-beta-hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB), calcium-dl-beta-hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB), medium chain triglyceride powder (goMCT), magnesium-dl-beta-hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB), natural lemon lime flavour, malic acid, citric acid, stevia, silica (flow agent).

Average QtyPer Serve (17.2g)Per 100g
Energy422kJ (101Cal)2462kJ (588Cal)
Fat, Total2.88g16.78g
Calcium (from Calcium BHB Salt)800mg4667mg
Magnesium (from Magnesium BHB Salt)166mg968mg
Total Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB™)12.5g72.96g
 Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB™)2000mg11.67g
 Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB™)5000mg29.17g
 Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (as goBHB™)5500mg32.09g
Medium Chain Triglycerides (from goMCT™)2.88g16.78g

Mix one serve in water in the morning after your breakfast, and again in the afternoon if your energy levels demand it. Note that, it is recommended for new users to start with half a scoop in the morning and work their way up as they become more adjusted to the level of increased ketones in their body.

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