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Electrolyte Rush Pro

A winning combination of protein and carbohydrates, Electrolyte Rush Pro is a premium sports drink that will allow you to perform at your peak for long endurance events.

Electrolyte Rush Pro contains not just any protein; PeptoPro® is a unique formula designed to require virtually no digestion PLUS it aids with muscle breakdown.

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Gone are the days where all you needed was carbohydrates to get you through your workout – you need protein too!

Electrolyte Rush Pro contains a slow release carbohydrate together with PeptoPro® protein – the only protein with a minimum of 60% di-and tri-peptides; the preferred form of protein for your body during exercise – requiring virtually no digestion.

Once exercise goes beyond two hours, your muscles can begin to break down, hampering your recovery time and overall performance. PeptoPro® has been scientifically proven to prevent this breakdown when consumed during exercise.

Research with elite endurance athletes has also found the combination of PeptoPro® and carbs resulted in improved fuel utilization and performance over a 16km time trial.

Add 1 scoop to every 300ml of water or 2 scoops for your typical 600ml water bottle. Individuals vary widely in their capacity for carbohydrate absorption during exercise so it is important to experiment with dosages above and below the above recommended dose to determine upper limits of absorption.

Palatinose (Isomaltulose™), PeptoPro® (casein hydrolysate), l-carnitine fumarate, monopotassium phosphate, glutamine dipeptide, magnesium aspartate, sodium chloride, natural lemon lime flavour, medium chain triglyceride powder, malic acid, xanthan gum, citric acid, natural lime flavour, lecithin, zinc carnosine, silica (flow agent), stevia (natural sweetener), sodium citrate.

Average QtyPer Serve (22g)Per 100g
Energy294kJ (70Cal)1331kJ (318Cal)
Fat, Total0.29g1.33g
Carbohydrates, Total14.07g63.75g