Keto Supplement FAQ

With our range of keto products becoming increasingly popular, we thought it was about time we put together your most Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the difference between Keto Fuel and Keto High Octane?

Keto High Octane contains very similar levels of BHB salts and MCT as Keto Fuel. However, it also comes with additional ingredients to boost energy and motivation for training. As such, Keto High Octane is better suited as a pre workout for those that train regularly. Keto Fuel is for everyday use and can be taken any time of the day as it does not contain caffeine.

Can Keto Fuel and Keto High Octane be stacked?

In short yes, but care needs to be taken to consider total MCT and sodium intake. Having over 5g of MCT at once can cause certain individuals gastrointestinal discomfort.  While individuals with kidney disease need to be cautious with excess sodium intake.

However, tolerance to MCT intake is easy to determine with a little trial and error. What’s more, the gastrointestinal tract can be trained to absorb more MCT over time. In any case, we don’t recommend more that 2 serves each of Keto High Octane and Keto Fuel per day.

Would Keto High-Octane be beneficial to someone who isn’t on a ketogenic diet? Would I still get the fat burning benefits if I was to take it 30 minutes before working out?

Absolutely! An individual on a ‘normal’ higher carb diet will still experience the same performance, appetite suppression, fat burning and cognitive benefits as an individual on a ketogenic diet. However, the benefits may be marginally diminished. This is simply because ketone levels tend to rise and fall more sharply on ‘normal’ diets following ketone supplementation. As opposed to individuals on ketogenic diets, that is.

I am the heaviest I have ever been and want to make some positive changes with your keto products. Which products would you suggest I use and how?

With any weight loss program, diet forms a pivotal part. So firstly, we suggest adopting a ketogenic or low carb high fat diet. This should be done preferably under the guidance of a suitably qualified healthcare practitioner.

As for suitable products, start with our Keto Fuel. We suggest starting with 1 serve a day and work up to 2 serves a day after a week.

The supplement is best taken as part of an exercise program. Plus, exercising on an empty stomach (with a serve of Keto Fuel prior) in the morning is best.

Take some time to plan a meal and exercise regime so it can be realistically and reliably incorporated into your everyday work/life regime. Starting too quickly without adequate planning often leads to poor results.

What is the recommended optimal dose for Keto High Octane? 1 x daily? 2 x daily?

If accustomed to BHB and MCT supplementation, then 2 sachets per day of Keto High Octane is the optimal dose. But if just starting out, we recommend 1 sachet a day for the first week before trying two a day.

One needs to be mindful of total sodium and calcium intake at these levels because of the relatively high amounts of these minerals in Keto High Octane.

I’m interested in trying your ketone supplements but I’m a little concerned about the ingredients. Is there anything in it that’s a banned substance in the WADA or ASADA lists for triathletes as I do get tested?

While our products are not yet subject to such third party testing, we do plan to seek this type of certification in the near future. That said, our new product, Keto High Octane, does use some ingredients (i.e. PeakO2TM & TeaCrine®) that carry the Informed Sport certification.

So while we unfortunately cannot provide absolute assurance that the products are free of banned substances, we do take the utmost care to use quality ingredients from reputed suppliers. We also ensure our products are made at quality manufacturing facilities that hold mandatory licenses and certifications required by Australia food regulation authorities.

Do you have to be on a ketogenic diet to use these supplements?

Certainly not! However, the good thing about a low carb diet is that there is a wide spectrum across which one can see benefits. For example, simply reducing/eliminating sugar can make a significant difference even without significantly reducing overall carbohydrate intake.

In general, we advise for best results, it helps to stick to a ketogenic diet. However, if that’s too hard, one can still expect good results from regular ketone supplementation.

Is Keto Fuel vegan?

Yes, all the ingredients in Keto Fuel (including flavour, sweeteners and MCT) are not derived from animal or dairy origin.

How long does it take to get into ketosis with Keto Fuel?

Keto Fuel will get an individual into ketosis within 30-60 minutes. However, the rate at which the body enters nutritional ketosis after taking Keto Fuel is affected by:

  • the time of day taken
  • whether taken in fasted or fed state
  • whether taken before exercise
  • the macronutrient composition of habitual diet

I have been on a keto diet of 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbs but I was also using a different ketone supplement. With Keto Fuel, will I still need to do the same percentage of fats, protein and carbs or could I cut the fat percentage down?

Taking either Keto Fuel or Keto High Octane will get one into ketosis, but that individual is likely to experience higher baseline blood levels of ketones if they remain on a ketogenic diet.

Having said that, one can still be ‘fat adapted’ without being on a strict ketogenic diet by simply lowering carbohydrate intake (particularly refined carbs & sugars) and increasing fat intake.

As long as someone is not waking up hungry and having strong hunger pains throughout the day, it’s a good signal their body is fat adapted. That is, drawing most of it’s energy from fat stores as opposed to relying predominantly on glucose generated by the liver and from food intake.

How much water should I add with Keto High Octane and Keto Fuel?

This is an interesting question as there is no right or wrong answer. Generally we advise people start with 200-250ml of water and from there increase the amount of water to a point where you find the mixture most palatable.

Some users like to put less water in so they can throw it down with one mouthful. This isn’t the best experience for most people as the power won’t dilute as well and you may be left with a lumpy mixture. Then there are others who don’t even use water and prefer to mix it in with their morning smoothie.

In the end it all boils down to personal preference. Experiment with it to what works best for you.

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