Top Scientific Discoveries of 2017

2017 was a massive year filled with major scientific breakthroughs, and huge health discoveries. But don’t worry if you couldn’t keep up with every new health trend, there’s really only one you need to know about: ketones.

2017 was definitely the year of ketones. We’ve seen lots of miracle diets & crazy superfoods come and go over the years, but with so many incredible scientific findings on their side, there’s no doubt ketones are here to stay. So, here’s a recap of what we learned.

Fast Facts

  • Dr Sarah Myhill discovered the brain runs 25% more efficiently on ketones.
  • Two breakthrough studies published by Cell Metabolism found that mice undergoing ketosis experienced a 13.6% increase in average lifespan. In human terms, that would mean an extra 7-10 years.
  • A comprehensive study released by The Journal of Headache and Pain found ketones reduce migraines by up to 90%.
  • Tests undertaken by a certified Exercise Scientist found ketones can induce greater weight loss while simultaneously increasing muscle mass.
  • Trials conducted at the University of Oxford concluded ketones significantly increase power output over 30-minute periods.
  • Ketones provide a 24% improvement in working memory, 21% improvement in problem solving, and 32% improvement in spatial awareness.

These are just some of the huge ketone-related breakthroughs scientists have made in the past few years. Clearly, ketones have a wide array of health benefits. And at this rate, it seems like there are a lot more still to be discovered.

With that in mind, a ketone deficiency is something you need to be thinking seriously about. They’re much more common than you’d think and can impact your health in a variety of negative ways.

But don’t worry, because now’s the perfect time to kick off 2018 in the healthiest way and feel the incredible benefits of ketones for yourself!

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