What To Keep in Mind When Chasing A Fitness Goal

Getting fit, training for a big event or fitting back into your skinny jeans are all great fitness motivators. However, all too often they fall by the wayside when you don’t have a concrete fitness goal in place. You’re motivated, but you lack direction and structure. It’s not your fault, you’re just missing a few basic principles!

Principle #1
Commit to something and set a time constraint

If you look at any high level athlete, they meet deadlines with set time periods and a training plan. Whether you want to run a race in 6 weeks or complete your first triathlon in 3 months, set a goal and put a time to it. Your new fitness commitment also needs some form of negative consequence if you don’t complete it. For example, if you don’t train properly, you won’t be able to complete the race in under an hour like you’d hoped.

Principle #2
You need to commit publicly

This principle is all about accountability. Once you decide on your fitness goal and commit, tell everyone. Whether it’s friends, family, peers or whoever. If you really want to lock yourself in, why not post it on social media and let the whole world know! You could even make a bet with a training buddy who is working towards the same goal.

Principle #3
Create a plan

Getting a personal trainer or fitness expert to put together a plan for you will take the guess work out of your training. It will also allow you to do what is necessary when life gets busy! Working with a coach or trainer will not only keep you accountable, but will help you to adjust the plan if need be. If your budget won’t allow this added help, try working out with a friend who is driven. If that fails, find a plan online!

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